‘I choose my best way to live’- by Mrs. Indira

“If this is possible by me then it is only because of Mahashakti Foundation and it’s dedicated team members”-Smt. Indira Das. She a motivational lady of age 32, lives in Mohangiri village of Kalahandi district is an example of progressive woman farmer having key expertise of Preparing Handi Khata, Jeevamrut, Organic Urea as well as SRI way Paddy Cultivation.
Now she is walking on a new interesting busy path with a new ray of changes in her life. We are working on a project named “MKSP” (Mahila Kishan Sasaktikaran Pariyojana) with an object to empower the women farmers of Kalahandi districts.
We have intervene in those area with an intention to motivate, guide and empower the women farmers and as a result we have succeeded in doing it. Mrs Indira is one of the example of it. Previously she was a farmer who was using chemical fertilizer in her field and adopted the traditional way of paddy cultivation & traditional transplanting method. With the guidance of MSF-MKSP team she was found a lot of changes in her production like using organic fertilizer, pesticides ,new easy & effective farming methods and could be able to earn a very good return. She learned the methods of planting, organic way of cultivation, water management, soil health management, harvesting of paddy over polythene, SRI Method paddy cultivation etc.
As a return for her hard work she bit the market, her organic vegetables got the highest demand in the market and she is selling it at a high price than others.She felt as she has chosen the best livelihood option and got a quality healthy life. She is now economically sufficient &satisfied.
A warm welcome for her new life !!! Mahashakti Foundation.

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Mrs. Mukta’s “CORN & CORN”

It’s a journey of Mukta Sahoo (49) from a house wife to a successful business woman. She lived at Barmunda ,Bhubaneswar with her family. She has two daughter and a son. She with her husband started their business as a vegetable seller. From the wholesale market they bought the vegetables and sell those in the market. They had a tiny stall in the vegetable market of Bhubaneswar. Due to less capital they were selling less vegetables and earning a minimum profit.

In the year 2015, she became a client to us and took a loan of Rs. 14,000 at first. She invested the money at her shop. She purchased vegetables at a bulk amount & could be able get a good return. Her sell increases day by day. She turned the stall to a small vegetable shop at the no.4 vegetable market at Bhubaneswar. Again this year she took a loan of Rs. 20,000 and switch a step ahead to a snacks stall with her son where she availed sandwich, sweet corn, momos, chuski. These iteams are hugely sale at BBSR market and within two to three months she got a good return. She is making a profit of Rs.500 to Rs. 600 per day. Now her husband is completely looking after their vegetable shop and Mrs. Mukta and her son is focusing on the snacks stall named “Corn & Corn”.
Before two years the family earned RS. 4,000 to Rs. 5,000 and could hardly satisfied their basic needs .Now a days their total income is nearly Rs.20,000 per month. Their standard of living increases and Mrs. Mukta is highly satisfied with MSF lending facilities .Now she can save something for her daughter’s marriage. Very soon she intended to convert her stall to a small shop at the main market of BBSR and will avail more iteams like Pizza, Burger, Pettis, Ice cream, coffee etc. To make her plan success she is expecting a loan of Rs. 1 lakh from us in the coming years.
Mahashakti Foundation wishes Mrs. Sahoo for her success.

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