A fight for rights- Anandini Sahu

It’s a story of a lady who fights for her life just to get back her rights. Our support centre lend her a hand, put up a fight for nearly 15months ,gave her rights back and provide a platform to live freely.
Anandini Sahu (age 32) belongs to Malpada village,
Kalahandi. In the year 1998 she got married to
Dinabandhu Sahu and everything is going good
for that time. After 2 years, her husband expired in
a train accident. After that, her father in-laws family
members tortured her both physically and mentally.
Finally they had thrown her out from home and snatching
her 3 months baby from her .She filed a report at Kesinga
police station. The police officer rescued her son
and handed over to Anandini.

Anandini lived at her parent’s home. She took a help from our support centre. She filed maintenance and partition case against her husband’s property with the help of support centre. Anandini met the Protection Officer and filed her case under PWDVA for maintenance and residence. Finally after fifteen days she got the residence order from the court. Her fatherin-law gave two rooms in his house.
After 16 months of continuous effort by the support centre members, Anandini was successfully ascertain her rights over her husband’s property as a “wife” and got the residence order to live in her in-laws house. She is able to educate her son in a good college. Anandini says “Support Centre has proved me as a real supporter & showed a new path of living.”

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Mamata Sahoo , (age 39)with her husband Mr. Rabindra Kumar Sahoo and two children lives in Muniguda village of Rayagada district . Due to the financial problem Mrs. Mamata Sahoo thought to do something different which would reduce her financial deficiency .She started her own business and made mixtures at home. She herself make, pack and sell it to her neighbours, in her village at first. As she didn’t get any kind of financial help to increase her sales volume her income remained the same Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000.
After the intervention of Mahashakti Foundation she took a help. Mahashakti gave her ideas about how she can increase the sales volume and earn more profit and also gave some ideas of market linkages. Moreover MSF gave loan of Rs. 10,000 for the increament of her mixture factory. Secondly she took a loan of 30,000 for the same. With that money she spreads her mixture factory by purchasing raw materials in wholesale rate at a bulk quantity and engage two staff to help her. Day by day her sales increases and she got more number of market shares. Again to make a big factory she took a loan of Rs. 48,000 and bought machines and engage two more staffs .Now her selling has increased upto 4 lakh where she got a profit of Rs. 30,000 and above .She also took a personal loan of Rs. 1,00, 000 and bought a TATA IRIS for her mixture transportation .Now she has started making variety mixtures of different qualities which has different rates .Another thing added to it is dry snacks, potato chips etc.
She also took a study loan of Rs. 20,000 for her younger son. She got a complete change in her life .Previously they didin’t have a home of their own. Now she has her own home, a vehicle, properties, gold for her. She also opened two bank accounts of her own, did savings for her children. Her future planning is to diversifiy her business to a gold and silver shop. She promised to stay conncted with MSF and also have a faith of getting another loan for her new business.

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